Man ni youth freeze liquids is a scam

Man ni youth freeze liquids is a scam

At a party of friends, A friend of my wife to her wise this Luomai’s Sin Lai Man-Ni youthful dope this strategy. Said that this course can remove wrinkles, Eye handpouches, Bovine collagen, Increase skin thick, If used in belly or butt cheek still breast hip effect. While facing the product to set-up interest, Feeling a little high in the beginning, To 1680 yuan per glass, So no hand in hand in this strategy. And the left side of the facial skin has a very tight feeling, After she told my niece said: If we use a course after her eyes with tiny wrinkles wrinkles will subside, And this course as well as whitening, Melanin have an impact on, Then My wife on the very center, But still hesitate boost price, And told her that I felt a little a lot of money, Then she told my wife said 1680 / bottle is the value of foreign sales, If we become their visitors to join the Chamber of Commerce or very cheap, You can like 4.5 crease, After she told my wife talked about their bonus system: Just registered as a member had his point, Just go to the roll-out of the assembly line, You’ll have a commission, Their reward device is system on two legs, both: The creation of B when A is a member, Won’t have commission, When A further increase in C, B will put there just before the introduction of the entire downline commission to A. C and so on that everybody develop two off the assembly line will have commission, When the roll-out of the D with B when E, A with B can get hire. After my wife would be keen on this product, The company then said a few days they’re going to have a product recommendation and invited my wife to join, So I agreed to go with her to attend the meeting that the meeting of the first flying insects this content product and say it is more than U.S. Scientists spent a very extensive period developed from, And also won being a field. In short they boast how how the product is good. After that you can find several on stage that she used the benefits of this product to bring their own, Then a manager of speaking look bonus system, Few were expounding on the secret behind the success, My wife to be able to me to go home this thing, I was fierce opponent, I said this is MLM institute, I suddenly remembered the black salons reported on tv formerly free to attract customers, To customers so that customers do half of his face deformed face after scare customers it implies buy their stuff after only about asymmetry of the face. Then I suspect this system if there are things in the salon to customers for use contain the same ingredients, They sell circumstances are certainly deceptive. But she had been brainwashed by that simply do not listen to my advice, And said that group is legitimate direct selling company in China, There is simply not the particular business license of the pyramid. Monitoring I advise, She always respond. Qualities. spent 7,600 yuan to buy 10 containers, Joined the particular organization and became the friend of her downline, Because this thing we quarreled many times stand Dalian Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau found a legitimate home business opportunity cosmetics company did not obtain a license in respect of direct marketing Dalian around openly recruit franchisees, Which is marketing the offline to join preached a simple marketing approach can not make a living, To how a money is by constantly pull franchisee that is, In order to cultivate offline Get bonus and commission from downline activities this Luomai named Beijing Technology Co, Ltd. Constructing enterprise has suddenly come alive in Dalian market, Your so-Called lead around signing up franchisees, Alleging good product quality, Joined to the amount of money fast, The franchisee can find two $ 7,000 reward to get the company directly and get future franchisees experience the get fifty percent profit. Such a great investment opportunity for many who seem a little spare cash has tremendous temptation Dalian Li recently recommended by friends to invest in this Beijing Luomai products-Sin Lai the human race-Ni youthful skin freeze dope and that the essence of Apply liquid is said to function in the face of a few days, N excellent. Li after repeated salesmanship of friends, Exhausted 24,000 yuan to purchase electronic cigarettes, The sticker price is 800 yuan a bottle, On a tight budget is 1680 yuan. For the, From his idea of cosmetics, Essence of this unique package slightly shabby. A couple of times with friends sell unpleasant experience for their decision to let Mike had a doubt, And then bring their own friends to go to a meeting of the so-Called affiliate lead Dalian Zhao said, Then let yourself whether this venture MLM suspect more deepened. Zhao said that by selling the product is not to make money, Mainly to sign up franchisees, A franchisee recruit franchisees is able to get the two companies reward and Referral. This calculation can earn a year to lots, And in this way the roll-out of MLM downline like most, Mike felt she had to enter the MLM trap Luomai fact Beijing is indeed obtained a direct the manufacturing field enterprise license, But not the actual, But only twelve counties in Shandong state, Dalian is simply not made legitimate home business opportunity license, And Li Xian acquired better skin Lai Man-Ni freeze liquid will simply not be approved direct Beijing Luomai the range of products, Most of usually unquestionably this particular so-Called Zhao does not lead the list of sales staff in Beijing direct Luomai inside. Currently active in the matter has been handled by the business sector, It is understood this is not Beijing Luomai into the mystery of the pyramid, In order to incidents resulting in disputes and doubts, No doubt with you can actually management system has tied up relationship can rent Jiuhuashanzhuang more than 4,000 in the venue for a day and a half in Jiuhua meetings allow finished 4,000 we, Room and board at your accommodation. Have also donated 796 yuan per person and merchandise, Has 12 games monthly meeting associated with the size, And also Beijing Luomai Technology, No second being able to meet, Vehicle Luomai total peak valley, Dialog, Analyzes the Luomai three stages of design, And look to a better vision of teacher Yu Wang Jiang Yu, Training in Chinese culture, Promote Chinese profound culture and exercising director Zhou Yun, Initiator, Senior manager Chi Hui Zhong Yuan system, A speech and toast-Depth testing Luomai career and a happy life!

Liu Fu-ming, Founder of Taihe system senior acting, Caring speech, Her start rough, Moved by the inclusion of every one; Her favorable outcome today, Inspired the president of everybody of every prolonged applause for her presence Liu Qichao, Us web design manager Dengjing Dan, Top dog Zhang Shuqin, Be warm speech, Once again ignited arsenic intoxication every friend’s dream!

Once and for all, Heavy character of the office meeting, Beijing Luomai venture 陶国林 Tao, Vp debut, The management meeting into a peak!

Tao total interest, Driven by surging position of every heart. Luomai do present to us private secret, Passed on a new program in the better half Luomai’s most exciting way for our success indicates the direction a song own poem, Describing the whole process of the whole contributors

Li chihuahua, Conceived dreams. (Embark on pyramid schemes, To acquire crazy)

Changan start point, End money. (Started a. m, Adult late)

The path is long, Body-Likely. (Pass gently, Gradually taken out)

Edge together, Germany grabbed. (Lie to themselves, Introduce)

People save predators, This particular road. (An expert, Excellent also pro)

Of organize, Xing occupation. (Multi-level marketing total of Fudge)

With holistic, Wonderful! (Same network of computers, Your identical pathos)

4000 someone, Pay 500 yuan per sufferer, Down to calculate the amount of money, Just 2 million, Jiuhua pack down day and the half, Can be employed up to 2 million???? Several people residing in a room, Eat cuisine bread and water, Without the least taste of meat can not see, Luomai you need to eat this meal????

Get 796 yuan per particular man or woman, All-natural supplement, Wow, How its product costs can be worth money????, Plus a cup products, Cups value 20 dollars, Anything. You will discover two such meetings per month, No vacation home, Ohio, The not 200 million Jiuhua eat bread and water, Several people crowded a room Luomai how much cash you want to make a will??? Even more frightening is pulled to 4000 many people, Seeing Fudge Assembly Luomai, How many definitely will pay to join Luomai? By half to aspect, 2,000 americans, 8,000 yuan per person to obtain their buy 8000 yuan product, The actual is this doing? Is $ 66 million, Look Luomai have elevated much, Yu Wang Jiang also stone cold choose to decide to bluff, Take Sinology stone cold choose to decide to bluff, His face full of synthetic speech, Afraid I don’t know that he is like the Great Masters. See that is pulled to go, It was Luomai glint, Surging swells, Awesome fly up!! Hope you do not be captivated by the rhetoric, The mind is confused dream in order to rich!! To make money or to go the proper way, Not by glint, By lying to earn a fortune!!!!

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